Simple WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

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WordPress Photo Gallery
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WordPress 4.1
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A simple and user friendly WordPress plugin to create photo galleries on your site
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A simple, user-friendly photo gallery plugin for your WordPress site. Easily create photo galleries on your WordPress site using this plugin.

The photo galleries you create with this plugin will be responsive so they will look good in all devices.

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin Installation

To install the photo gallery plugin, do the following:

  1. Upload the ‘’ file from the Plugins -> Add New page in the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin Usage

Go to the “Gallery” menu and hit the “Create New Gallery” button:


Now, enter all the details for you new gallery and upload the images for it. Then hit the “Save Gallery” button:


As soon as you save the gallery, a new gallery page will be created with all the images you selected/uploaded


Adding Gallery on Any Page

The plugin automatically creates your gallery page(s) when you create a new gallery. However, you can manually insert a gallery on any page/post if you need to.

Use the following shortcode to embed a gallery on any page:

[wppg_photo_gallery id="1"]

The “id” parameter represents the gallery ID.

Creating a Photo/Image Slider

Create an image slider from your gallery images, use the following shortcode

[wppg_photo_slider id="1"]

The “id” parameter represents the gallery ID. You can specify a single gallery or several gallery IDs separated by commas as shown in the example below.

You can combine images from multiple galleries to create a gallery image slider. Here is an example shortcode to show you how to do that:

[wppg_photo_slider id="1,2,3"]

Below is an example of how an image slider looks.


Photo Slider with Carousel

You can also show an image carousel below your photo slider. Use the “show_carousel” parameter in the slider shortcode to show all the image thumbnails in a carousel below the slider. Here is an example shortcode:

[wppg_photo_slider id="1" show_carousel="1"]

Creating Photo Albums

You can also create photo albums with this plugin. Photo albums are a collection of photo galleries that you have already configured in the plugin. This helps you categorize your photo galleries so the visitors can browse albums then the galleries and then the images in the gallery.

Click on the “Albums” interface of the plugin’s admin area to create photo albums.

Creating Masonry Style Photo Gallery

You can use template 3 as your gallery template to use Masonry style on your photo galleries. Below is an example of how masonry style photo gallery looks like:


Plugin Compatibility

Works with the latest version of WordPress.

Download The Plugin

Download the Simple Photo Gallery Plugin.

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